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Our school cultivates a very strong school partnership or more precisely, a friendship, with the Bibó István Gimnázium. It´s a Gymnasium in Kronach´s twin town in Hungary, Kiskunhalas. In order to impart the importance of this kind of international connection a student exchange program is being arranged once a year. This makes it possible for our students to get to know the Hungarian traditions and culture as well as its learning environment. But the aspect which is most important is the possibility to build up a friendship with the Hungarian students! Furthermore our school handball team visits Kiskunhalas annually for a weekend in order to take part in an international tournament there.


Student exchange
There is a student exchange between Frankenwald-Gymnasium and Keith Grammar School. (Keith is a town in Moray, the Scottish partner region of Landkreis Kronach). For many years there has been no student exchange at Frankenwald-Gymnasium, but one of the teachers, Susanne Ruckdäschel, helped to organize a student exchange and we did an interview with her:

How did the student exchange come about?

It started when a Scottish teacher from Keith was on holidays in Kronach. During her stay, she met a teacher from Frankenwald-Gymnasium and she asked him if it was possible to set up a letter link between her students and the students of Frankenwald-Gymnasium. After a two-year-long correspondence with their pen friends, there was the idea to visit them. So we did a nine day trip to Scotland with students from grade eight in September 2014. And of course the students from Keith Grammar School want to visit their pen friends in Kronach, too. So we are thinking about a student exchange for 2016.

How exactly did the Scotland trip proceed?

We went to Scotland by bus and ferry, which was quite a long journey. Having arrived at Cullen, a small town near Keith, we were housed in the local community center. During our stay in Scotland the students visited their pen friends at school for one day and they were shown the everyday school life of a Scottish student. On the other days we visited many famous Scottish sights and places like Loch Ness or the Glenfiddich distillery. A special highlight was a Scottish folk dance evening where the Kronach students danced with their pen friends and sang traditional German songs.

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