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Frankenwald-Gymnasium is located in Kronach which is a beautiful city in the north of Bavaria, Germany. Currently there are about 850 students at FWG. Most of them do not live in Kronach, so they arrive there by bus. Normally you visit Gymnasium until the 12th grade, but you can also leave the school after 10 years with the Secondary School Certificate. After 12 years of studying and passing your final exams you finally get your "Abitur" which you need for studying at university.

In the 5th grade you start learning English. Every student is obliged to attend this subject until the 10th grade. In grade six you must choose between Latin or French to be your second foreign language for at least the next five years. In grade eight you have the choice between two possible directions of further studying: You can decide whether you want a scientific-orientated education or an economic-orientated education.

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