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The interests of our pupils' parents are brought closer to the school through a parents' council . The council meets regularly to discuss about problems and opportunities to improve the everyday school life.

The friends' association is a non-profit organisation, which has been founded in 1986. Above all, the purpose of it is to support the school. With the help of this association, for example the purchase of new computers got possible. But it's due to the friends' association that there is modern teaching material, too. Another aim is to stay in touch with former students of Frankenwald-Gymnasium. Thus, former pupils can give advices to younger ones, who have to decide which career- path they will go.

A big organisation of Frankenwald-Gymnasium is the student council , consisting of three head boys or girls, further class representatives and diverse activity groups. This council offers the essential connection between students, teachers and headmaster and is therefore very important. In order to make school more varied, the council conducts many campaigns. For example, there is the possibility to send roses to your friends on Valentine's Day and on St. Nicholas' Day, the three head boys and girls disguise as St. Nicholas and angels and give small presents to younger students.


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