There are lot's of different event at our school:

  • Christmas festival
  • Skiing lessons
  • Summer festival
  • Theatre presentation
  • A-level prank
  • Hungary

  • Christmas Festival

    Every year a few days before Christmas, our school carries out a Christmas Festival. Every class has its own stand with different attractions. Some sell food, some play games with the visitors of the festival, for example “singing bee” was played and carried out by a class with teachers and all the people were allowed to watch for a small price. The highlight is the big tombola with a big first prize, sometimes even a television. This attracts a lot of people every year. With a lot of fun for the visitors and the classes who take part in the Christmas Festival, a lot of money can be raised every year for children of the Philippines who are dependent on the money.

    Skiing lesson

    Every year in winter, the students of the 7th grade are going on skiing holiday in “Großer Arber”, Germany. The students can choose between skiing, snowboarding or taking part in an alternative program. Depending on the abilities every single student has, three groups are formed. One for the beginners, who start with practicing to hold their balance on skiis or on a snowboard, one for intermediates, who drive on the more advanced slopes, and one for the experienced drivers who take it on the difficult slopes. The hostel the students rest in provides a lot of attractions as well. You can play table soccer or even a big gymnasium is on hand for the students. The skiing holiday is great fun and a good opportunity to get into skiing and seeing how fun it is.

    Summer Festival

    Not only does our school carry out a Christmas festival, but also a Summer festival every year before the big holidays in summer. It is comparable to the Christmas festival, each class provides a stand with food or games. If the weather is good, the stands are outside. Additionally, the school band makes sure that all the visitors are fully entertained and that the festival is going to be a success.


    Our school provides a drama group for all the pupils who are interested in and who have fun acting and playing in front of people. Of course it means a lot of work for the students to learn the text and to perfect the play but in the end, a lot of spectators come to watch the plays on our stage in the schoolhouse who are delighted anew every year.

    A-level prank

    The A-level prank is an event which every student is looking forward to.

    The high school graduates have a complete school day to celebrate themselves and their achievement. First, the planning of this day depends on the principal's decision, how this day should run. After that, the graduates keep the tradition alive, they go their teachers' homes and “steal” items from their gardens. On the next day, they go into school with water blasters and in the second break, they “attack” the other students. Later on, they send the children home and party with the teachers who have to play hilarious games to regain their property.


    A partner school of Frankenwald Gymnasium is the Bibó István High School in Kiskunhalas (about 150 kilometers south of Budapest).

    Since 2001, an annual exchange takes place between those two schools. About 10 to 15 students of the 10th grade participate in, in order to get to know something about the different cultures and lifestyles. In early October, the Germans go to Hungary for a week, where they are housed by host families and experience a range of entertainment, for instance classroom visits, sightseeing tours and activities with their guest family. The aim of the exchange is to get to know the life of the host family and the culture. On the last day the so-called German-Hungarian farewell evening takes place, where the participants talk about the experiences and eventually dance.

    Every April, the students from Hungary come to Germany to experience our way of life.

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