Education System

source: Bayerisches Kultusministerium
Primary school lasts at least for four years in all German states. In some other states it is six years and mandatory for everyone. After these years teachers and parents alike have to decide on the basis of your results which type of school you are sent to.
The three secondary schools are called 'Mittelschule', 'Realschule' and 'Gymnasium'. The student's course through schooling must not end how it started, as many parents erroneously think. Students with a high academic grade can e.g. switch from 'Realschule' to 'Gymnasium',according to their results, or people with a lower degree the converse.
After successfully completing 'Mittelschule' or 'Realschule' you have got the opportunity to continue education for your A level certificate (Abitur) or to start an occupation.
If you receive your A-level certificate there are many possibilities to continue e.g. by studying a special subject like law or start working in a job.
In many German states there are 'Gesamtschulen' (comprehensive schools), too. In this type of school the system does not separate students after Year 4 or 6 into three different types of schools.

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